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About Us

Shamrock Filling is a custom filling manufacturer of aerosol an non aerosol products. We work with customers of various sizes that have unique needs and specifications. We are able to fulfill the needs of customers that need hundreds of thousands of units for big box retailers as well as small businesses just starting out that only need a couple hundred units.


our experienced staff members are the back bone of our success and therefore our customers success. They are driven to provide the best support and products for our customers. on average our staff has over 18 years experience per employee in the custom manufacturing industry.


Our drive to support our customers combined with our advanced technology and capabilities are why shamrock filling is considered the premier custom filling manufacturer in the united states. learn more about our capabilities and advanced filling equipment below.

one inch diameter 

Our mass production 1 inch diameter Filling line safely and efficiently manufactures products of the highest quality.


Operational integrity

mass production

The staff at shamrock filling ensure all products meet customer specifications every time. WE go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations with various Quality checks and testing before, during, and after production runs.    

our advanced filling equipment and routine maintenance mitigate the risk of stopping production. our dedication to eliminate the threats of any equipment failure yields less waste and better results. This saves valuable time and costs for us and our customers 

WE HAVE THE capabilities TO MANUFACTURE PRODUCTS quickly and safely. the one inch line can manufacture products that require a Bag-on-valve or one inch valve with a dip tube. Our one inch production line can open top fill up to 600cc of fluid and 200cc of liquid gas in addition to the ability of using compressed gas as a propellant.

Twenty-two millimeter Diameter

Our twenty-two millimeter diameter filling line is a revolution of small can filling with its one-of-a-kind design


innovative efficiency


Our 22 millimeter diameter production line was designed to speed up production safely in order to provide better service and cost savings to our customers.

This innovative design is only found at shamrock filling. we can manufacture products on the 22 millimeter line with just one of our skilled technicians where as others in the industry with 22 millimeter production lines take 2-4 people to produce the same results. Our innovation creates savings for our customers and expedites order completion compared to others in the industry

Shamrock filling has the ability to formulate and develop a wide variety of concentrates to meet every customers need. WE ARE ARDENT SUPPORTERS OF THE SPECIFICATIONS OUR CUSTOMERS NEED IN ORDER TO GROW THIER BUSINESS. Contact us today and find out how shamrock filling can support your needs

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