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Aerko International is a manufacturer of the most reliable and effective self-defense sprays used by Law Enforcement.

Our innovative team has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in the pepper spray and tactical aerosol defense industries. At Aerko International, we understand the needs of Law Enforcement and provide a lineup of unique pepper sprays and tactical aerosol products to support the varying challenges and demands officers face in the line of duty. Our state-of-the-art filling equipment and technology ensures the officers in the field that use our products, will have the highest quality aerosol spray available.

Aerko International is known for our high standards. We go through extensive procedures and quality checks to provide the most effective and easy to use pepper sprays and tactical aerosols that work every time. Our advanced technology assists our dedicated team to manufacture products that cater to each customers needs. We check specifications before, during, and after production runs to provide the best to those that serve and protect our communities.

At Aerko International is a provider of products to police departments at the local and state levels in addition to campus police departments and mobile security units. You can also find our effective products through many police supply distributors throughout the United States.

We offer training courses that involve classroom work and simulated field exercise with our Inert Training Units. We want to support your department with the best products and services available.


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