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Freeze + P

Freeze+ P utilizes a unique combination of extremely effective CS (also known as Tear Gas) and OC (also known as Pepper) creating the most intense, incapacitating agent available today.

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clearout 6oz cap off 1000x1000.jpg

clear out

The Clearout Tactical Aerosol Grenade is formulated as a CS/OC vapor blend. When the total release actuator is locked down and the aerosol grenade is tossed, it releases a slightly visible irritant cloud. 


The Punch formula was developed in support for the need of Aerosol Weapons without Tear Gas for those in the Field of Duty. Specifically, to modify behavior of unruly subjects, or to move people from where they are, to where you want them to be.

Punch RER 2 oz.jpg
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inert training spray

Our Inert Training Sprays are all filled with Water in lieu of one of our spray formulas. The Inert canister allows for a safe way to train for the field without the risk of cross contamination. 


bear spray

The Griz Guard Bear Spray provides a safe and humane way to deter unexpected encounters attacks from Bears. an ideal tool to carry while hiking or camping in the forest and an effective defense against invasive bears is suburban areas.

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